Why We Love Branding: Our selection of 20+ Creatively Amazing Easter Graphic Designs

Communication is a very key element in graphic design, and without creative thinking communication can get either get lost or not get delivered effectively in the design process. So we were happy to come across some really ingeniuos Easter graphic designs for some popular brands done by students of 02 Academy Lagos, a school of advertising and brand communication.  

It’s interesting the way the folks at @02academylagos have combined easily recognisable elements of Easter with the brands’ products to create visually appealing advert graphics that do a great job of communication. We stan. 

Like seriously, we think they are so good that the companies depicted should just hire them already. True talk.

maggi easter graphic design
dangote sugar easter graphic design
gillette easter graphic design
pringles easter graphic design

So here we have Maggi - "He is the Reason for the Season(ing)" 

Dangote Sugar - "Only a Sweet Friend will lay down His Life"

Gillete - "The best sacrifice mankind can ask for"

Pringles - "And lo, they found it empty"

windows easter graphic design
indomie easter graphic design
dell easter graphic design
air peace easter graphic design

Microsoft Windows - "He opened the Windows of heaven on His resurrection" 

Indomie - "Celebrating the Resurrection Power"

Dell - "His Death + Resurrection = Our Redemption"

Air Peace - "The Prince of Peace will come as you have seen him go into heaven"

time magazine easter graphic design
fayrouz easter graphic design
lafarge easter graphic design
firs easter graphic design

Time Magazine - "He is Risen" 

Fayrouz - "He bled out just for you"

Lafarge - "The Chairman is Risen"

FIRS - "He paid in full, you too can"

The branding and design guys in different organizations were not left behind, in fact they were some really cool ones posted from company social media handles. Let's take a look.   

peak milk easter graphic design
globacom easter graphic design
access bank easter graphic design
interswitch quickteller easter graphic design

Peak Milk - "It is finished"

Globacom - "He didn't stay inside forever"

Access Bank - "Some things are worth more than money can ever buy"

Interswitch/Quickteller - "Life changing events happen indoors"

maggi nigeria easter graphic design
cowbell milk easter graphic design
wema alat easter graphic design
mcvities digestive easter graphic design
fcmb easter graphic design

Maggi - "A reason to season this Easter"

Cowbell - "Happy Easter"

Alat by Wema Bank - "This day in history, he made a cashless transfer that saved us all"

McVities - "The stone has been rolled away"

FCMB - "Paid in full - an epic love story"

And last but not least, here's one from an intern from our company, who saw what they guys at 02 Academy Lagos did, and the one on the left (the first one) was her attempt as a newbie in graphic design using Canva App.

The one on the right ( the second one) was a correction by the Lead Strategist using the same Canva App, while still maintaining the intern's ingenious play on words and the image. 

elizabeth alfred easter graphic design
Elizabeth Alfred Easter Graphics

Looking at the two designs you can tell that the messaging is clear and consistent. The change in the second one has been in the choice of design elements providing a deeper meaning. Let's take it one at a time: 

1. The rose: He "rose" - the play on words, and using the rose as a symbol of the floral brand, this ties in the messaging and connects the significance of Easter with the brand that deals in all things flowers.

2. The sheets: When you see the sheets you'd normally think of a romantic session between a loving couple, and you're right. But here it means more than that. It also stands for the sheets that were wrapped around Jesus' body int the tomb. As He rose He left them behind...and that's why we have it in our design.   

3. The colour: We chose a pink hue for the photo that serves as the focal point of the design, in keeping with the original pink of the rose. This colour denotes romance, as per the Elizabeth Alfred floral aspect of the brand and love in general.

Take a look at the video below to learn how we created this design from scratch on Canva: 

We hope this was a fun and enlightening read, if this gave you value, do share! 


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