Hot Legs and Pierre Cardin Powerpoint Presentations #ProductivelyHappy

Nneka’s hot legs never failed to captivate Bobo. Damn, this babe had legs! And the shape of a goddess! He continued to watch her, codedly though, as she walked across the hall.
Her red skirt stopped just 2 inches above the knee, short enough to showcase those perfect legs without being too short for the office.
“If not for this office policy I would have asked her out by now,” Bobo thought to himself while stealing another glance at her. She was coming his way. He quickly closed the online shopping website and pretended to focus on the PowerPoint presentation he was supposed to be working on. Even though they were only just friends Bobo really respected Nneka and didn’t want her to think he was a slacker and online shopping junkie at work.
Nneka tapped her long French manicured nails on his desk. “Hey, Bobo what’s up? Are you done with Dax Engineering’s audience growth analysis for Q1? I need to add it to the complete report before Mr Ferdinand asks for it.”
“Oh, I’m not done yet, though I’m putting finishing touches to it.”
Bobo hastily scrolled to the bottom of the page and started typing. He knew he hadn’t even done up to 50% of the task. He just wanted to front and act busy so that Nneka could move away and he could continue shopping online in peace. Those Pierre Cardin Oxfords were not going to buy themselves.
“Okay, so what time should I expect it? I would like to wrap up the report today so that I can go home knowing that my desk is cleared. You know how Mr Ferdinand can get.”
Bobo chuckled. “Napoleon never misses a chance to stress you out, doesn’t he?”
“Ah, so you’ve noticed! The man’s wahala is too much. ‘Nneka this…Nneka that…the rate at which he calls me eh, he’d better name his daughter after me.” She smiled as she leaned on his table. The curve of her hips became more pronounced and Bobo’s eyes zoned in on the area of concentration.
Guy man had to fake a yawn that soon turned into a real drawn out swallow-the-world yawn that he had to cover immediately. “Kai! My village people want to fall my hands in front of this chic!” He thought to himself.
He stretched his hands and leaned forward, close enough to catch her scent. Divine.
“I’m so frigging tired, Nneka. I’ve been busy all day. This job can be so damn stressful sometimes. I need to take a break. Let’s go for lunch? Then when we get back I can finish up and send you the report before close of business okay?”
“Close of business is fine by me, but I’ll have to take a raincheck on lunch, I just had lunch at the cafeteria and I didn’t plan to do lunch outside today. I will be expecting the report by close of business, okay? Thanks.”
She gave him a pat on the shoulder and turned her ample derriere to walk back to her cubicle across the hall.
Bobo’s eyes did their thing again, zoning in with sharp determination. Timaya’s “Ukwu” played in his head as he watched her walk away. Those dimples behind her knees were the icing on the cake.
“I have to hold on to this Q1 report till the last minute so that she can come back and ask me for it in person, and walk back again…” Bobo’s thoughts brought a smile to his face.
He looked at the time on his laptop and the smile disappeared. He had barely 2 hours to complete this 30-page document. Shit! He couldn’t even go out to lunch again.
He sighed as he picked up the phone to order food instead.
Being busy is not the same thing as being productive.
©Andrea Chymdii
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  1. Waoh! What a lovely read you have here! I love your play of words. Bobo had better put his mind to work and stop fantasizing about Nneka, he came to work to earn a paycheck and not for any form of pleasure. Focus! Consistency and hardwork are the keywords here.

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